BVLGARI Serpenti Stainless Steel Tubogas Bracelet Watch

BVLGARI Serpenti Stainless Steel Tubogas Bracelet Watch

In the Roman era, there may be no more than a reference to the Egyptian Yan may be easier to think of the snake. 46 years BC, she first came to the Roman Empire, and Caesar and Mark Anthony had a love story between. The world people to pay tribute to her unparalleled beauty – with a snake-shaped gold bracelet wrapped around the emotional body. In nearly two thousand years later, about 60 years of last century, once played Elizabeth Elizabeth Taylor can not resist her favorite of the Replica Bvlgari Watches jewelry, in particular, ordered that once in the Nile in the new post-wear Serpenti snake Shaped bracelet, she is also Kang Duo Ti Avenue on the 10th of the flagship store in Rome regulars. Today’s watch house for everyone to bring is the Bulgari Serpenti series of a watch Replica BVLGARI Watches Serpenti Stainless Steel Tubogas Bracelet Watch

For a long time, the snake has always been the symbol of magic and magic, it slender stature will be feminine feminine show most vividly, so that beyond its own decorative characteristics, detached from the history and age of the shackles.

This watch case design for the unique triangle shape, abstractly showing the shape of the snake head, diameter 35 mm case to build stainless steel, curved case shape can fit the wrist, but also highlights the feminine beauty The character. Using a curved crystal glass table, watch with a curved sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the edge of the mirror treatment and the perfect fit with the bezel, showing a gentle and elegant temperament, but also clearly presented in front of the dial.

Replica Bvlgari Watches

Crown inlaid with a convex round pink tourmaline, Bulgari has always been a high-level jewelry and enjoy the reputation of the world, in this watch 18K rose gold material crown, Bulgari inlaid with a convex round Shaped pink tourmaline, highlighting the Bulgari design bold and distinct classic charm. To the snake for the design of this watch in this touch of bright red embellishment, but also exudes a charming charm.

Replica Bvlgari Watch classic “Tubogas” strap, strap with the Bulgari classic “Tubogas” design, between the gold strap, such as the snake-like winding wrist, revealing a trace of the charm of the same time, and exudes A kind of cool temperament, making the watch as a timepiece at the same time, has become a gorgeous wrist ornaments. Elastic strap can automatically fit the wrist, simple and convenient at the same time, but also reduces the watch is easy to bring a sense of restraint.

Case grinding delicate, moderate thickness, replica swiss watch the case of the thickness is not thin, the case to retain the three-dimensional outline of the snake head at the same time, the thickness of the thinning as much as possible, and therefore not very heavy, the shape of the case is very rounded , Polished fine, the beauty of the beauty of women exposed.

Unique shape, because this watch unique style, as the “snake head” part of the table directly with the Bulgari “Tubogas” strap connected to show the abstract snake shape. 18K rose gold bezel set with 38 diamonds, in the soft 18K rose gold bezel on both sides, each with a fine drill belt, each side of the inlaid with 19 fine bright cut diamonds, diamonds arranged in an orderly size , For the table to add a bit extravagant charm.

Replica Bvlgari Watches

Dial decorated with delicate, this watch with a soft and soft silver opal dial, and decorated with the sun pattern decoration, appear radiant, dial above the mosaic to gold when the standard and the Roman numerals 12:00 and 6:00 when the standard, two Pieces of delicate sword-shaped rose gold pointer fine workmanship, in the radiance of the dial even more luster luxury beauty.

Replica Watch the table carrying a precise quartz movement, this watch for the secret design, snake head shape of the case with a precise movement of the quartz movement, without the need for proofreading, the beauty of fashion women is also very easy to use.

The Bulgari Serpenti series has been used as a brand to carry its traditional and soul messenger. Beginning in ancient Egypt, the serpent was regarded as a symbol of power and could shelter those who had it and put it in power. In the legend of Roman mythology, Aphrodite (ie Venus, ancient Greek Love and beauty gods) have also used the snake as an ornament, the Roman scholar Pliny will also have those who watch the ladies, leading the fashion of the influx of people called crotalia (in Latin called the rattlesnake). This is exactly what Bulgari has given the true meaning of the Serpenti series.

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